Solid Warranty Protection

Your investment in your waterproof deck membrane installed by NewPort Dry Deck is guaranteed for twenty years.

20-Year Deck Waterproofing Warranty

One of the most compelling reasons to choose OmegaDeck (sometimes referred to as OmegaStone on our website) is its robust warranty.

OmegaDeck utilizes a waterproofing membrane made from Polyurethane, a material known for its exceptional durability. Polyurethane is so tough that it is used as tires on mining trucks. Thus, supporting the weight of vehicles carrying up to 350 tons of ore over sharp, broken rocks. The top coats used in OmegaDeck’s system are durable enough to be used on garage floors, even with vehicles being driven on them.

This level of durability ensures that your OmegaDeck will last for years to come.

The OmegaDeck system comprises four bonded layers. This provides both homeowners and installers with peace of mind regarding the longevity and resilience of the waterproofing solution.

Step 1: Deck Repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 1

Remove the vinyl or existing membrane, do pocket repairs if needed. Grind the deck, prep the plywood joints. Tape all joints; let them dry for about 1 hour. Trowel on the polyurethane base coat.

Step 3 - Polyurethane Deck Waterproofing Application by Trowel by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 2

Apply the urethane colour coat and add the acrylic flakes onto the wet surface. The flakes give the surface a slip resistant texture, and the colour of your choice. This needs to dry overnight.

Step 3 - Work on Deck Membrane to Ensure Surface is Smooth Enough & Easy To Clean

Step 3

We remove the excess flakes. Whatever has bonded to the colour coat is there to stay. We give the surface a light sanding to ensure that it’s textured but still smooth enough and easy to clean.

OmegaStone - Application of Polyurethane Waterproof Deck Membrane by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 4

The clear coat is applied. This also needs to dry overnight. These steps are not always done in consecutive days, weather is a factor and timing is important.

My wife and I recently ran into a representative of Newport Dry Deck. They remembered us and asked how the work they had done for us eight years ago was holding up. So never too late to put in a good word for a great product.

Until last year when we finally got around to putting a roof over it our back deck was uncovered, north facing and surrounded by multiple trees. It took a good beating every year and aside from a twice yearly power wash and a bit of scrubbing in the odd place it has required no maintenance.

We also have large heavy half wine barrels full of plants and they along with other planters and furniture have been relocated and dragged around the deck all these years. Happy to say there is not a mark or tear on any of the deck surface. This product seems indestructible and has maintained it’s good looks in spite of the wear and tear we have subjected it to.

We would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for this type of deck covering. Not the cheapest option out there but worth everything you pay for!

Don Lennox, Google 5-Star Review

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