Your deck has gone through a lot over the years, from harsh Canadian conditions to countless outdoor BBQs. If your deck has seen better days, you might be wondering whether you should repair or replace it. But how can you tell what needs a major overhaul or a minor fix? Our deck repair Vancouver specialists have put together some common signs that will help point you in the right direction.

Inspect the deck surface

The surface of your deck receives the most exposure to the climate. Sun, rain, wind, and heat can cause the wood to warp and crack, shortening the lifespan of your deck. If the damage to the surface is minimal, light repairs are all that is needed. But when there is a serious deterioration that could create a safety hazard, you will need a replacement.

Look over the deck posts

Posts hold up your deck. Over time, moisture buildup can rot the wood, compromising the integrity of the posts. If that happens, the deck could collapse, putting you and your family at risk. When deck posts become damaged, repairing them won’t be sufficient. To prevent possible deck failure, replacing your deck will be the safest option.

Check the stairs

There are instances where stair damage is significant enough to justify deck replacement. But in most cases, stairs can be repaired or replaced. Because stairs are the main access points to your deck, make sure they are in good shape. Check for cracked or rotted patches and repair or replace the unsafe steps.
Examine the beams

These are the horizontal planks found under the surface of your deck. Beams play a major role in supporting the deck, so you will want to routinely inspect them for moisture damage. If there is rotting, a deck specialist will be able to determine if repair or replacement is required, depending on the extent of the damage.

Ultimately, repairing or replacing your deck will come down to the amount of the damage. If safety hazards are the concern, a complete rebuild will be the best option. For those smaller issues, like split, warped, or loose boards, some minor deck repair work is all you will need.

Final thoughts – If You Want to Repair Your Deck

To ensure your deck is in tip-top shape, make sure to have it inspected by a professional decking company once a year. Whether you need to replace or repair your deck, adding a deck membrane seal after the job is done will ensure your investment is completely shielded from future water damage down the road.

Looking to protect your deck from moisture damage? When you want the absolute best protection for your home, our waterproofing membrane has you covered.

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