Are you looking for a proven waterproof deck solution that eliminates the failure of old, existing, and dilapidated vinyl or fibreglass deck surfaces? Look no further than our eco-friendly OmegaDeck (also known as OmegaStone to many of our customers).

OmegaDeck is not simply an affordable and highly effective alternative to vinyl decks. It is a waterproof long lasting coating that stands the test of time. In fact, we’re so confident in our product and service that we back them up with a 20 Year Warranty.

A Polyurethane Membrane Coating That Cannot Be Beaten

OmegaDeck is our preferred product for Deck Coatings and Deck Repairs. We have worked with it extensively for years and have become experts at coating new decks with it. We also repair and restore old decks with it. When it comes to polyurethane membrane coatings, it cannot be beaten.

Fondly known as OmegaStone, OmegaDeck will not rip, tear, stain, or leak. It is an alternative to vinyl that is cost-competitive and lasts for years. It stands up to the harshest treatment and certainly will withstand the wet, BC west coast weather and our freeze-thaw winters.

Cleaning OmegaDeck

OmegaDeck is almost indestructible. And for this reason, it can stand up to pretty much any cleaner. Personally, we do not know of a more durable, waterproof product for decks!

Not only is our polyurethane membrane coating LEED compliant and eco friendly, it also keeps its colour.  It will not fade over years of exposure to sunlight as it has been formulated to be UV stable. And, the membrane coating comes in a number of colour choices.

OmegaDeck (OmegaStone) deck finishes

OmegaDeck also offers a wide variety of finishes to match any home or taste.

Check out our 20 Year Warranty by clicking here.

Our NewPort Dry Deck waterproof deck coatings will last a lifetime without showing signs of colour fade or wear and tear.

Other Uses For Our OmegaDeck Coating

Our product is so tough it’s used not only for residential and commercial sun decks. It can also be used in:

  • car parks,
  • exterior walkways,
  • garage floors, and
  • boat decks

Repairing Vinyl Decks With OmegaDeck

During application, our polyurethane membrane solution flows into voids and divots before setting up. This eliminates so many awkward steps in your vinyl deck repair, saving you money and risk of failure.

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