Deck looking a little old and weathered? If you’re not sure it’s going to make it through another Lower Mainland rainy season, you might want to consider deck replacement. But how do you know yours is beyond saving? Our team at NewPort has put together some handy tips on when you should get a new deck in Surrey. 

Compromised posts

A deck is only as solid as the posts that support it. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the supports of your deck that run into the ground. If the bases are decaying, take deck replacement seriously. Damaged posts could lead to a deck collapse, potentially causing catastrophic results.  Don’t let damaged posts jeopardize your deck or the ones you care about. With NewPort Dry Deck, you can rest easy knowing your deck is solid, safe, and secure. 

Loose railings

Loose railings are majors signs you might need to replace the entire deck. Wobbly, unstable railings are serious safety hazards, so don’t wait too long to address the issue. Pay close attention to railings along steps and stairs. If you discover warped wood, you made need to get a new deck.  Looking for an exciting way to enhance your new or existing outdoor living space? Our tough and beautiful railing systems will make your deck stand out and provide years of safe and enjoyable outdoor living. 

Wood rot

Wood rot can wreak havoc on decks. This structural damage issue causes sagging, as well as making wood more susceptible to termites. Look for signs of visible rot on the outer edges of the deck frame and check for soft, spongy areas on the surface of the boards. Is the wood damage past the point of no return? Our polyurethane decks are built to last. And with no seams and no glued-on pieces, you’ll never have to worry about moisture seeping into your deck and rotting the wood. 

Mold and mildew

With the long, wet seasons in Surrey, a little greenish mold is going to happen. But when it gets out of control, mold and mildew will not only damage your deck, but also put you and your family’s health at risk. If you notice any mushroom-like growth on your deck, replacement might be your only solution.  If you are worried about mold and mildew taking root on your deck, reach out to NewPort Dry Deck. Our decks are virtually indestructible and 100% waterproofed for LIFE.   Has your deck taken more than its fair share of abuse? When you’re ready to get a new one, turn to NewPort Dry Deck for all your deck replacement and resurfacing needs.   

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