Waterproof protection for your deck is important! And, NewPort Dry Deck specializes in waterproof protection for new and existing Decks using our proven waterproof deck solution, OmegaDeck. Check out our 20-year Deck Waterproofing warranty here.

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Whether you are considering a waterproof coating on your deck, a new railing for your porch, or even a brand new deck or patio cover, you’ve come to the right place for your outdoor decking needs.

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4 Layers of Waterproof Protection For Your Deck

OmegaDeck provides four layers of waterproof Protection for your deck. Here’s how it works …

Step 1: Deck Repair in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 1

Remove the vinyl or existing membrane, do pocket repairs if needed. Grind the deck, prep the plywood joints. Tape all joints; let them dry for about 1 hour. Trowel on the polyurethane base coat.

Step 3 - Polyurethane Deck Waterproofing Application by Trowel by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 2

Apply the urethane colour coat and add the acrylic flakes onto the wet surface. The flakes give the surface a slip resistant texture, and the colour of your choice. This needs to dry overnight.

Step 3 - Work on Deck Membrane to Ensure Surface is Smooth Enough & Easy To Clean

Step 3

We remove the excess flakes. Whatever has bonded to the colour coat is there to stay. We give the surface a light sanding to ensure that it’s textured but still smooth enough and easy to clean.

OmegaStone - Application of Polyurethane Waterproof Deck Membrane by NewPort Dry Deck

Step 4

The clear coat is applied. This also needs to dry overnight. These steps are not always done in consecutive days, weather is a factor and timing is important.

At NewPort, we use only the highest quality of products. Whether you need us to apply a waterproof coating to your deck or to build you a privacy wall, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality results.

And, as mentioned, our OmegaDeck waterproofing is guaranteed to last twenty years. The reason we can offer such a great warranty is we are confident the four layers of waterproof protection OmegaDeck provides will stand up to all the wear and tear you can throw at it.

Once hired to do the job, we will apply the first layer, which is the OmegaDeck (previously called OmegaStone) Urethane Base Coat. It will then be followed by the AR Top Coat, a layer of acrylic chips, and then finally polished off with the OmegaDeck clear coat. Once applied, OmegaDeck creates a protective seal over the exterior, which results in amplified resilience.

To schedule a quote to have a new waterproof deck coating applied to your deck surface, call us at 604-256-1158 or contact us using the form below.

We look forward to helping you get out to enjoy your sundeck again.

Waterproof Deck Membrane Detail
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