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Deck Waterproofing Solutions: OmegaDeck vs. Vinyl

When it comes to waterproofing your deck, OmegaDeck (aka OmegaStone) offers an affordable and effective alternative to vinyl replacement decks. In this comparison, we’ll delve into the cost, durability, and other important factors that make OmegaDeck a compelling choice for deck waterproofing.

Backyard deck waterproofing with OmegaStone
Back deck waterproofing with OmegaStone
Deck waterproofing with OmegaStone.jpg

Affordability & Cost Comparison

How does OmegaDeck deck waterproofing compare to vinyl for final cost?

The end cost for deck waterproofing with OmegaDeck is usually very close to the cost of a vinyl replacement deck.

To replace vinyl correctly, the house siding needs to be removed and replaced. The new vinyl is then glued up the exterior wall 8 inches and then the siding is put back. Sliding doors need to be removed and replaced/re-installed as well.

OmegaDeck can be troweled over the vinyl on the edges of the deck and walls, where the vinyl is underneath the siding. We cut the vinyl about 2 inches from the wall and doors, and then remove the vinyl from that point outward. We coat over the 2 inches of vinyl and up under the existing siding and door frames.

The reason we can do this is because the vinyl under the siding and doors hasn’t deteriorated from the sun’s UV rays, traffic, or cleaners. It’s like new.

We have never had a deck leak with our OmegaDeck system.

20 Year Deck Waterproofing Warranty

A NewPort Dry Deck lasts because the waterproofing membrane is made from a material called Polyurethane.

How tough is polyurethane? Tough enough to be used as tires on mining trucks! Their polyurethane tires do not need air and they support the weight of a mining truck that holds 350 tons of ore, traveling over sharp broken rocks.

Our polyurethane top coats are durable enough to be used on garage floors and driven on.

OmegaDeck’s four bonded layers are yours and our peace of mind.

A Deck That Lasts

OmegaDeck’s biggest challenge is managing the drying times and the weather.

If we were a vinyl deck company (and we are NOT) we could have a crew show up at most decks and be done in one day. But, a deck that lasts takes time.

Our OmegaDeck system takes three or four days because of the drying time that’s needed between each stage.

Contact NewPort Dry Deck to learn more about deck waterproofing, repairs, restoration, and resurfacing options.

Please note, we do not install solariums or deck enclosures.

Deck Railings, Patio Covers, Privacy Walls, Front Porches & More

At NewPort Dry Deck, we understand that not every railing, patio cover, or privacy wall is in perfect condition or suitable for your preferences.

While we encourage homeowners to retain their existing railings whenever possible, we also offer custom options for those in need of replacements. We work directly with manufacturers to create tailor-made solutions for your deck, ensuring that our prices remain competitive and our offerings meet your specific needs.

OmegaDeck Is Seamless

The finished look will have small imperfections because it is done by hand and not a machine. From a certain angle or in a particular light you may see an area that looks a little dull or shiny. We tape all plywood joints and you may be able to tell where the tape is with certain lighting, when the deck has no furniture on it.

Once the furniture is placed on the deck and it is being used, it becomes virtually unnoticeable.

OmegaDeck is:

  • Almost indestructible
  • Can be cleaned with almost anything
  • Lasts for a lifetime.

We do not know of a more durable, waterproof product for decks and we love what we have to offer.

Conveniently located in Coquitlam, we build patio covers for residences and commercial businesses throughout Metro Vancouver from North and West Vancouver to Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, and through the Fraser Valley to Langley and Abbotsford.

Make your deck stand out from the rest!

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