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Our Team of Experts

The People Behind NewPort Dry Deck

I’m Keri, the proud owner of NewPort Dry Deck, a family-owned business dedicated to ensuring your property stays dry and protected.

In our team, you’ll find my husband, Lovens, who leads our skilled technicians with over 25 years of specialized construction and waterproofing expertise. My sister, Laura, is a seasoned installer with more than 9 years of experience in the field. And not to be forgotten, my dad, Dennis, serves as our guiding mentor, who still enjoys rolling up his sleeves to apply OmegaDeck when the opportunity arises!

When you reach out to us for a quote, it’s me you’ll be connecting with. I handle the estimating and the day-to-day management of our operations.

Our Journey

How It All Began: From Frustration to Innovation

Our journey began with a simple need – after just 8 years, our own sundecks required resurfacing yet again. We had three decks, totaling about 1,000 square feet, and we were tired of the recurring cycle of recoating that provided only short-lived results.

Additionally, we realized that our rental properties were in need of deck resurfacing as well. Frustrated and determined, we embarked on a thorough search for a superior solution.

Polyurethane Coatings

Discovering a Game-Changing Solution

Our quest led us to the world of polyurethane deck coatings, a discovery that transformed our lives. Grateful for our rental properties, they provided us with the opportunity to tackle this new challenge. What amazed us most was the ability to seal around wooden railing posts and bond to stucco siding without removal. We even coated the stairs! Admittedly, our initial applications may not have looked as polished as they do today, but they’ve endured without a single rip, tear, or leak.

A Family Affair

The Birth of NewPort Dry Deck

With unwavering dedication to quality, we knew homeowners like us would appreciate a waterproof and long-lasting coating for their decks. At NewPort Dry Deck, every deck we resurface is a labor of love, uniquely crafted by hand. As we extended our services to our families and friends, word quickly spread, and thus, NewPort Dry Deck was born.

Long-Lasting Protection

Your Home Safe from the Elements for Over Two Decades

We take immense pride in the knowledge that when we work on your family’s home, we’re safeguarding it from the elements for well over 20 years. Your trust in us means the world, and we’re committed to delivering the best in deck protection and waterproofing for your peace of mind.

Lovens and Abel

Keri Belanger

NewPort Dry Deck Inc


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